Software update: Enpass 6.3.1

Version 6.3.0 of Enpass was recently released and now the macOS version has an update to 6.3.1. The Linux version is still at 6.2.0. Enpass is a password manager for Windows, macOS, Linux and various mobile platforms. The program allows you to easily log in to websites and manage your passwords. This way new passwords can be generated, let it know if a password is weak, old, or used more often. Data is stored encrypted locally, but synchronization via services such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive is also possible. Enpass is free to use on the desktop, only for the mobile client a one-time fee is required if more than 25 passwords are stored.

Version 6.3.1


  • Unable to process TOTP with spaces. Fixed.
  • Squashed a few crashes.

Version 6.3.0


One of the most awesome treats you get with the new update is 100% free access on all desktop apps. That’s right! Just register your Enpass using an email ID and enjoy the app in its full capacity, ABSOLUTELY FREE.


Everyone loves confidentiality and privacy, especially when your digital assets are concerned. That is why you love Enpass, and we value your love for Enpass. Adhering to the same principle of being completely offline, we haven’t made any architectural changes in Enpass. Your data will stay with you like it always had and remains outside our jurisdiction. So with the same peace of mind, create your Enpass account and register your purchases with us.


You are our heroes, and we love you, a-lot! Today, we are what we are because of your love and support. You do not have to pay, and can continue to use the Pro version at no extra cost. Not just that, your Enpass purchased from any device will work across all the platforms. Just register your purchase using an email ID and enjoy the app in its full capacity, across all platforms.

Version number 6.3.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, macOS, iOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Enpass
License type Freeware / Paid