Software Update: Adium X 1.4 Beta 5

The folks at Adium have released the fifth beta version of Adium X 1.4. The new-fangled beta is here as a dmg file for Mac OS X. The 1.4 branch features several major improvements over the 1.3 series. For example, the program supports the protocols of irc and Twitter. In addition, version 1.4 includes libpurple 2.6.0 and better support for MSN and XMPP protocols. Adium X is an instant messenger for the OS X platform made available under the GPL license. Through the program it is possible to connect to the networks of Jabber, ICQ, .NET Messenger Service and Bonjour, among others. Below you can read which improvements have been made in beta 5 compared to beta 4:


  • Added a “Replace with Uploaded Image” function to the Edit menu and input area contextual menu.
    • Right click an image, or select it and use Edit > Replace with Uploaded Image.
    • Similar to the “Replace with Shortened URL”, this feature uploads the image to an image hosting service and inserts the new URL.
    • Currently only supports
  • Fixed a crash due to debug code accidentally left in b4 when opening the Xtras Manager.
  • Fixed a crash caused by setting the status message via AppleScript (#12219).
  • Fixed a crash when using a Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) file. (#12199)
  • Fixed indeterminate errors if you provide a space in an IRC account’s NickServ password.
  • Fixed retweeting or deleting tweets featuring any of: ;/?:@&=+$, (#12217)
  • Fixed a hang when moving contacts/bookmarks into a new group.
  • Fixed bug causing speech actions with custom pitch to have really high pitch (#12251).
  • Fixed a crash caused by using OS 9 keyboard layouts. Unfortunately, global shortcuts cannot be set when using these (due to API changes in 10.5). (#12192)
  • Changed behavior when moving a contact between groups, fixing a bug in protocols which don’t support multiple groups.
  • Changed default setting for “only count unread highlights and mentions for group chats” to be enabled.
  • Changed the default URL shortener from to

Updated Libpurple

  • Fixed /me showing up multiple times in private chats on IRC. (#12151)

Version number 1.4 beta 5
Release status beta
Operating systems macOS
Website Adium Beta
File size 23.33MB
License type GPL