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Sixteen-year-old hacks Apple and steals 90 GB of data

In Australia, a student in court has indicated that he is guilty of a burglary in Apple’s intranet. The sixteen-year-old could penetrate Apple’s computer systems several times over a period of about a year. In addition, according to his own say, he has downloaded about 90 GB of ‘sensitive data’. He also had access to customers ‘user accounts, he said.

Apple hack from the parents’ home

The remote access to Apple’s intranet has been obtained by the minor hacker from home. Although he tried to hide his actions, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) could track him down with help from Apple and the FBI. Two of the seized MacBooks had the same serial number as the devices that had access to Apple’s internal systems. The website announces The Age .

A large number of files and hack manuals have been found by the police in a folder called ‘hacky hack hack’. In addition, the hacker had obtained ‘authorization keys’ and was able to log in as an existing user. How the intrusion on the intranet worked and which data was stolen is not known. However, Apple has informed [Reuters that].

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