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When will the new iPhone be released?

Also this year a new iPhone appears and the rumor flow around this new device is already well underway. But when does the new iPhone come out?

Announcement at keynote in September

Apple presents the new iPhone annually in a keynote. Since the iPhone 5 from 2012, this event was always in September, so we can now safely call it a tradition. In recent years the keynote always took place in the first half of September, on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Often the second week of the month is the moment for the keynote. That would mean either Tuesday 11 September or Wednesday 12 September. September 11 is still sensitive for obvious reasons, especially in America. We therefore assume a keynote on Wednesday, September 12.

When will the new iPhone come out?

Pre-ordering is usually possible on the Friday immediately after the keynote. In this case that would mean: Friday, September 14. One week later, on Friday 21 September, the new iPhones are actually in stores or delivered to your home.

Our expectations summarized:

  • Keynote:


    Wednesday, September 12.

  • Pre-order : Friday, September 14.
  • Official release: Friday, September 21.

There can always be a hitch. Last year, Apple had to deviate from the normal schedule. Then there were some production problems, so that one of the three new iPhone models – the iPhone X – was not in the shops at the expected time. The device was finally only on November 3 for sale. Also this year there are rumors about delayed iPhone 2018 models, but they are much less stubborn than in 2017.

iPhone 2018

Apple is expected to release three new iPhone models this year. A 5.8-inch and a 6.5-inch iPhone with an OLED screen and dual camera, and a 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD screen and a single camera. All three models are similar to the iPhone X: they have a front that is all screen, narrow edges, and no home button. Read more about it in our file iPhone 2018 .

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