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Shortening an iPhone movie is something you do

Suppose you made a video with your iPhone. You were completely ready and already filming well before the action actually came into the picture. Or you want to send someone a movie, but it takes a lot too long or is too big to mail or app. Fortunately, you can shorten an iPhone video, and that is very simple. You do not need an additional app.

How to shorten iPhone movie?

  • In the Photos app, search for the video you want to shorten.
  • Tap ‘Edit
  • Below the video is a timeline. Drag the handles on both sides of this to shorten the video. On the left you briefly enter the beginning of the video, on the right side the end.
  • Everything outside the yellow frame is no longer valid. You can play the new video with the play button. Satisfied? Tap “Done.”
  • Tap “Save as new snippet.”

The video will now be saved as a new snippet, so you’ll still have the longer version at your disposal.

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