Screenshots show changes in Gmail

Screenshots have appeared that show the modified Gmail interface for desktop browsers. Google announced on Wednesday that the browser version for Gmail has a new look and many new features.

The screenshots show how many of the new features have been worked out. For example, in the default view, Gmail will not only show that an email has an attachment, but also what type of file that is, reports Android Authority . The other displays, comfortable and compact, do not offer that option. In addition, there will be a sidebar that offers integration with other Google services, such as the Keep and Calendar note app. This sidebar is on the right side.
The label at the top of the interface has the label ‘dogfood’, a term that many companies use for an internal test. Google said Wednesday that users can access the new version via an Early Adopters Program, but that will happen sometime in the coming weeks. These screenshots probably come from a source within the search company.
The screenshots also show the Smart Replys, a function that proposes answers based on a scan of the mail. Google already does that in other services. The screenshots show nothing of the offline operation of the browser version of Gmail. That function is in .
Probably the browser version of Gmail with this new design becomes a ‘progressive web app’. These are sites that have many properties of an app. The site has a manifesto where developers can define the label and icon for the home screen. In addition, a progressive web app has so-called ‘service workers’ to make the site work offline.