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LG opens division responsible for fast updates smartphones

LG has opened a facility in South Korea that will be responsible for the distribution of quick updates and upgrades for smartphones from the manufacturer. In addition, the people within that division must test the updates before they go live to ensure stability.

Opening the division requires updates for LG smartphones to be ready sooner in the future, claims the manufacturer . The Software Upgrade Center is also responsible for the compatibility of LG functions after updates, so that users know for sure that features of their phone remain stable. The first upgrade of the Software Upgrade Center is Android Oreo for the G6 published last year.
It is unknown what the exact changes are that bring about the opening of the center. In recent years, LG has regularly published updates and upgrades for its phones without the existence of this division. Presumably, the software branch of the smartphone maker was responsible for the production and testing thereof.
The Upgrade Center can be used, among other things, for the G6 and V30, which appeared six months ago. Both devices are included in the Android Enterprise Recommended program, which allows the manufacturer to promise security updates for up to ninety days for three years. These two smartphones also have to be upgraded to a new version of Android. For the G6, Oreo is sufficient, but for the V30, which appeared with Android 8.0, that will be Android P.


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