Company behind Snapchat seems to be presenting successor Spectacles glasses soon

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Snap, the company behind Snapchat, seems to want to quickly present the next version of his Spectacles glasses. The company has had the second version of the glasses tested by the American inspection agency FCC.

First version Spectacles

The secrecy of, among other things, the photos is valid for a month and a half, according to the documents . That means that pictures of the glasses will appear on the FCC site no later than the end of May. Snap reports in the request that by that time it would have presented its product.
Compared to the previous Spectacles Snap will at least add 802.11ac support. As a result, the glasses can also connect via WiFi to the 5 GHz band. The inspection also shows that the antenna is on the right side of the glasses. In addition, the screenshots seem to indicate that the glasses again take the name Spectacles.
Variety discovered the documents and notes that the first version of the glasses from the autumn of 2016 has not proved to be an unqualified success: Snap has written off $ 40 million because of unsold stock of the glasses.
The first version Spectacles is a pair of glasses with a built-in camera and microphone that records a round video with a 115-degree field of view at the touch of a button. The advantage of the round recording format is that users can view the video both horizontally and vertically without having to rotate the image.


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