Scouting girls in the USA receive badges for cybersecurity

In America there are 2.6 million Girl Scouts and this association is very popular in America . Girls learn practical skills here, but also social skills. Girl Scouts has announced that from now on attention will be paid to something that is very important nowadays: digital and technological skills.

The Girl Scouts can now earn 30 new badges. These are especially for girls aged 3 to 18 years. They can earn them with assignments about cyber security, robotics, computer science, space and the environment. These areas come back a lot in today’s society. That is why the association wants the girls to learn about this.

New badges

The new badges can be earned by participating in various projects and programs. They learn how to program and there is a national Cyber ​​Challenge. Also building robots and learning how engineers solve problems are worth a badge. For younger girls, sybersecurity, space sciences and mechanical engineering are also part of the program.

Preparing for the future

With these new programs, the association wants to prepare girls for a position in disciplines in which women are often still underrepresented. Girls who are with the Girl Scouts would be more skilled in problem-solving strategies than girls who are not here. That is why the scouts in America try to recruit as many members as possible.