Samsung will release Galaxy Z Fold2 in two weeks for almost 2000 euros

Samsung has announced all the details about its foldable Galaxy Z Fold2. The phone will be released in the Benelux on September 18 and will cost 1999 euros. Samsung had already shown some details at a presentation last month.

The biggest change in appearance is the screen on the outside. That now has a screen ratio of 24.5: 9 and covers a much larger part of the front. The diagonal is 6.2 “, while the resolution is 2220×816 pixels. The screen on the outside is an OLED screen of 14.8×5.4cm and has an area of ​​80.4 square centimeters. The diagonal is the same as with the screen of the Galaxy S20, but the screen itself is much narrower, that of the S20 has an area of ​​92 square centimeters.

On the inside is an OLED screen of 15.1×12.1cm, with a diagonal of 7.6 “and an aspect ratio of 5: 4, converted 11.25: 9. The resolution is 2208×1768 pixels and the surface is slightly more than 180 square meters. centimeters It’s a plastic screen with a plastic top layer and a thin layer of glass in between, just like the Z Flip from earlier this year.The notch of the previous Fold has been replaced with a hole in the screen for the camera.

The new Fold is also slightly thinner than the previous one. The maximum thickness when folded is 16.8mm compared to 17.1mm of the previous Fold. The minimum thickness is 13.8mm. In addition, Samsung has also put the sweepers from the hinge of the Z Flip into the Fold2 to keep out dust.

In terms of software, the Fold2 has support for Flex Mode, with some apps splitting the interface when users open the phone halfway. There are also more ways to open multiple apps on the big screen at the same time: users can save ‘app pairs’ to open multiple apps at the same time.

Users can now use the rear cameras for selfies by unfolding the phone and viewing the framing on the outside display.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 Galaxy Fold
Dimensions Closed: 159.2×68.0x16.8mm
Open: 159.2×128.2×6.9mm
Closed: 160.9×62.9×16.5mm
Open: 160.9×117.9×6.9mm
Fencing Exterior: 80.3cm2, 6.2 “oled,
24.5: 9, 2220x816px
Inside: 181.8cm2, 7.6 “oled,
11.3: 9, 2208x1768px
Outside: 50.5 cm2, 4.6 “-oled,
21: 9, 1960x840px
Inside: 161.5 cm2, 7.3 “-oled,
12.6: 9, 2152x1536px
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Memory and storage 12GB, 256GB ufs 3.1 12GB lpddr4x, 256GB ufs 3.0
Cameras Exterior screen: 10MP, f / 2.2
Screen inside: 10MP, f / 2.2
1.12MP, 1.8micron, f / 1.8, wide angle
2.12MP, 1.12micron, f / 2.2, ultra-wide angle
3.12MP, 1.0micron, f / 2.4, tele
Exterior screen: 10MP, f / 2.2 + depth sensor
Screen inside: 10MP, f / 2.2
1.12MP, 1.4micron, f / 1.5-f2.4, wide angle
2.16MP, 1.0micron, f / 2.2, ultra wide angle
3.12MP, 1.0micron, f / 2.4, tele
Price and release September 2020, 1999 euros January 2020, 2020 euros