TP Vision unveils Philips sound bars and wireless speakers with Ambilight function

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TP Vision introduces new sound bars, including the Philips Fidelio B97. This is a 7.1.2 soundbar with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. In addition, the manufacturer is releasing two wireless speakers with Ambilight synchronization, as part of its own multi-room audio ecosystem.

The two wireless speakers, the W6205 and the larger W6505, are part of the so-called Philips TV & Sound Wireless Home System. The two models are equipped with DTS Play-Fi, with which audio can be sent wirelessly from televisions or other devices to the speakers. This is done via the Philips Sound app, with which Philips TVs or audio products can be connected. DTS Play-Fi is supported on Android TV televisions released by Philips this year, and that support will also be available for Philips Android TV models released in 2019 via a firmware update.

The addition of the so-called Works with Ambilight function is the most eye-catching feature of these two wireless speakers. The two models have built-in LED lighting that can be synchronized with the Ambilight system of a Philips TV. This means that if the television, for example, shows a lot of green colors in the image, not only will the wall behind the television turn green due to the LEDs in the television, but that this green color is simultaneously copied by the LEDs in the speakers.

The W6505, which can be placed horizontally, is the larger of the two; the smaller W6205 is vertically oriented. The W6505 includes an 80W amplifier, two 1 “tweeters, two 3.5” woofers and two bass radiators. The W6205 has to make do with a 40W amplifier, a single 1 “tweeter, a single 3.5” woofer and two bass radiators. The two models support bluetooth, Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay 2, Spotify Connect and multiple streaming services via the Philips Sound app. The voice assistants from Google, Amazon and Apple can also be used in combination with the speakers.

In addition, Philips comes with five news soundbars, all of which support the Philips Wireless Home System. The Philips Fidelio B97 is the top model. This 7.1.2 soundbar, like a number of previous Philips models, has the characteristic feature of two detachable speakers that are located at the two ends of the soundbar. These can be disconnected and placed behind the listening position to act upright as wireless surround speakers. When attached to the soundbar, they charge and serve as left and right channels. The B97 also includes an 8 “wireless subwoofer. The soundbar has support for DTS: X and Dolby Atmos, the various voice assistants, bluetooth and DTS Play-Fi and Airplay 2. There are two HDMI 2.1 connections available, with which e-arc support is also available.

TP Vision also releases the Philips Fidelio B95. That’s a lower positioned 5.1.2 soundbar. The B95 is largely the same as the more expensive B97, with the main difference that the detachable speakers for the rear surround channels are missing. In addition, TP Vision comes with a series of smaller sound bars with fewer drivers and lower prices. Most sound bars support DTS Play-Fi and that also applies to the HDMI 2.1 standard.

The B97 and B95 will come out in October for 1200 and 900 euros respectively. The W6505 and W6205 will also be available next month, for 300 and 200 euros respectively.

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