Samsung wants to make midrange devices with 128GB storage memory

Samsung wants to make midrange devices with a storage memory of 128GB. The company has made emmc memory with that capacity, which, according to the manufacturer, is specifically intended for devices that are less expensive.

Samsung has made ufs memory for the Galaxy S6 with a capacity of 128GB, but for the midrange phones it concerns emmc 5.0 memory. The advantage of ufs over emmc is, among other things, the use of a command queue via a serial interface, whereas emmc still has to make do with a parallel 8-bit interface.

Samsung claims that the memory can read data with a maximum of 260MB/s. The number of iops is 6,000 for random read and 5,000 for random write to memory. With the ufs memory in the Galaxy S6, that is 19,000 and 14,000iops.

The 3bit memory is presumably already in production, but it is unknown when it will first appear in devices. It is obvious that Samsung will use it for a ‘Galaxy S6 mini’. In recent years, the ‘mini’ versions of the Galaxy S series always had the same storage capacity as the larger variants.