OneDrive makes it possible to upload and stream your own music

Microsoft’s web storage OneDrive makes it possible to upload up to 50,000 songs and stream them on other devices. Google has been offering that function in its Music service for some time. The music on OneDrive can be played on phones and Xbox consoles, among other things.

Microsoft is announcing the feature on its own site. Users can upload their collection of MP3 files via OneDrive, after which it is possible to play them via Xbox applications on PC, Xbox consoles and phones with iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Users must have the space on OneDrive to store the files. That is not difficult for many people. Although OneDrive offers 15GB by default, Microsoft has recently held promotions that allow users to temporarily expand their storage. Plus, Office 365 users get virtually unlimited storage on OneDrive. Microsoft has set a limit of 50,000 songs on the service.

The function to upload and play your own music has been in Google Music for some time, with the Google Play Music Manager application for desktops.