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Samsung loses 539 million dollars to Apple in appeal

Apple’s lawsuit against Sansung about copying the design and functionality was already fought in 2012 and then Samsung had to pay one billion dollars. That did not pick up the company from South Korea and so there was an appeal and then another one. That all took quite a long time, but after a jury was finally found for the final round (the people who have no opinion about Apple or Samsung are apparently sowed in the US) it has been redone again and has lost Samsung.

Was that worth it? Not for Samsung, because they are now more lost than they were after the first appeal. After the first lawsuit, Samsung has already paid $ 548 million, and after that there was still a 399 million dollar appeal. Now that Samsung has appealed once more and has to pay 539 dollars, the amount of the fine has been increased by 140 million since the first conviction, to forget the sky-high lawyer’s fees.
Then we can now say with ultimate certainty that Samsung has ripped the design of the first iPhone and that they have to pay for it. Of course, Samsung is disappointed, they find it unjustified and they also say that it was not for them the money, but for the protection of the product. The worst is: that is probably not even lied. The image damage is greater for Samsung than the money, because according to Bloomberg Samsung alone earns approximately 40 million dollars a day with its mobile division, or two weeks working to pay the fine. For Apple, it is also more a moral victory than that they are going to feel the financial difference, by the way. The two competitors will probably not bring a lawsuit for the last time, but the chance that they will face each other in the courtroom is small.
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