There are many software to run multiple Google Drive accounts in Windows 10. Whether it’s Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive or Dropbox desktop client, it’s very good to access one account at a time. But when we have to connect multiple accounts, the native desktop client of those services does not come in handy. That is why I have covered this article for those Google Drive users who want to run multiple Google Drive accounts simultaneously in Windows 10 without any browser. Let’s view this free software one by one.


There are many features in Wavebox This can connect many Google Drive accounts. Use the ‘+’ icon in the lower-left corner of this software and then select Google Drive from the list of supported services. This allows you to use multiple Google Drive accounts on the interface. For each Google Drive account that you have connected, a separate Google Drive icon is visible in the left sidebar. You can also change the account icon, which can help you easily identify a specific account. You can set a custom name for each Google Drive icon and that name is visible when you move the mouse cursor over the account icon. Some other functions, such as snoozing an account/tab, opening an account in a separate window, reloading an account, deleting an account, setting the time (in minutes) to sleep an account after inactivity, etc., are also available for use. Right-click on a Google Drive icon and you can open and use the available options.


Rambox also serves to run multiple Google Drive accounts in Windows 10. It does not directly support Google Drive, but there is a very simple way to add Google Drive and then use it with multiple accounts. There are two functions that I like about this software. The custom name that you give a Google Drive account is immediately visible on the tab. So you don’t have to move the mouse cursor over the Google Drive icon (as needed in Wavebox) to check the account name. Another thing is that you can change the tab position by dragging it to the right or left on the software interface.

The free plan of this software supports 99+ apps and also lets you set a master password for the interface. It is available in portable and installation versions. Use any version and then open the interface. The main page shows all services that are directly supported. Since Google Drive is not listed there, scroll down that list and then click on the “Custom service” option. A pop-up will open that helps with adding a name of your choice and the URL of the Google Drive homepage. This adds a tab on the software interface and displays the Google Drive homepage on that tab.

That is it! Now you can log in with your Google Drive login details and in this way you can add other accounts. You can also zoom in and out of each tab and reload / refresh the tab by right-clicking on the tab and using the available options.


Manageyum can also run many Google Drive accounts in Windows 10. When connecting a Google Drive account, you can also enter the name of your choice and that name is visible on the tab of that specific account. You can also disable any account when it is no longer needed. Or else, just remove the added account from the list.

Linking a Google Drive account is also very easy. Open the interface and you’ll see a plus sign at the top right. Press it and select Google Drive from the list. Provide a custom name for that account and then you can add your Google Drive login details. Once you’ve done that, your Google Drive items will appear on the tab reserved for that account.


Firework is also a nice competitor of other software to run multiple Google Drive accounts in Windows 10. Connected Google Drive accounts are not opened on separate tabs. Instead, a separate window will open for each Google Drive account. You can also add the name of your choice for each Google Drive account and those names along with the Google Drive icon are visible on the interface.

Adding multiple Google Drive accounts is a bit different here. You must first open the list of services supported by this software and click on the Google Drive option. This adds the Google Drive icon to the main interface. Use that icon to log in with the desired Google Drive account. Then right-click on the same Google Drive icon and select the “Copy with separate profile” option. Allows you to name another Google Drive account and add the Google Drive icon with a separate profile. That separate profile means that you can log in with a separate Google Drive account. Use that icon created with a separate profile and then you can use login details from another Google Drive account.