Rumor: TikTok will offer games from next week

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TikTok would offer games, in addition to videos, starting next week. That reports The Financial Times. The social medium would promote this with a tab in the app, in order to reach as many users as possible.

The games would be playable in a browser window that opens in the in-app browser, reports Financial Times. It would be simple games that should go viral via its own platform. As a result, the company would like to reach many players quickly.

TikTok parent company ByteDance has an event scheduled for next Wednesday, in which it talks about games. According to the company, this is about “why big game releases have become a marketing strategy and how TikTok plays an important role in making those games successful.” That seems to be mainly aimed at major game publishers and EA and 2K, among others, are speaking at that event.

TikTok has been offering games in its Chinese version of the app since 2019, while there were tests in various countries earlier this year. In the meantime, the company has been preparing the release as moderators who normally review videos have now tried the games. TikTok has neither confirmed nor denied the message.

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