Rumor: Warner Bros. removed Denuvo-drm in Gotham Knights

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It seems that Warner Bros. removed the Denuvo drm software from Gotham Knights. The company has not yet confirmed this, but several game websites are claiming it. Warner is reportedly doing this to make the game run smoother after complaints about performance.

DSOGaming and gamer state that Batman Gotham Knights no longer has DRM software on board since its last update on October 26. According to the game websites, this should help solve the game’s performance issues. Warner Bros. has not yet officially commented on the rumor.

The Denuvo drm software serves as copy protection and should prevent piracy of the game. In some games, the drm software may cause performance degradation. A well-known example is Resident Evil Village, which initially had performance issues due to the software. Capcom released an update to the game with “drm optimizations” shortly after the issues were discovered.

Gotham Knights was released on October 21 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles and PC. It is an open world game set in Gotham City. In the game, Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin and Nightwing take on well-known villains from the Batman universe, including Mr. freeze. Initially, PS4 and Xbox One versions of Gotham Knights were also supposed to appear, but they were eventually scrapped. This has Warner Bros. done because it wants to give players “the best experience possible.”

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