Rumor: Record Labels Force Apple to Price Higher Music Service

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Record labels would force Apple to charge a higher price for its music streaming service. Apple is currently in talks with record companies about reintroducing the music service from Beats Audio it acquired last year.

According to rumors, Apple wanted to offer the service for $ 7.99 per month, converted and including VAT 8.95 euros, in order to stay below the price of competitor Spotify. However, the music industry now wants Apple to ask at least $9.99 per month from users, converted and with VAT 11.19 euros. Music magazine Billboard writes this on the basis of its own sources.

Unlike Spotify, Apple does not come up with a free version of its service to lure users. The music industry would hope that Apple can attract more paying users than Spotify, which currently pays 15 million people worldwide.

Apple would like to present its music streaming service in June, presumably at its own developer conference WWDC in an announcement of the upcoming iOS 9. The manufacturer has reportedly been working on a music streaming service for some time. Apple closed the Beats streaming service in September last year.

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