Apple gives MacBook Air and Pro 13 laptops hardware upgrade

Apple upgraded the MacBook Air and Pro 13 series on Monday evening. The laptops of the manufacturer will have the latest Intel processors of the Broadwell generation. In addition, the laptops contain a Thunderbolt 2 connection.

The MacBook Air 11 and 13 come in different variants. There will be two versions with an Intel Core i5-5250U, which does its job at 1.6GHz and has a turbo of 2.7GHz. These models are equipped with 4GB DDR3, but the storage capacity differs: one model gets an SSD with storage capacity of 128GB. Apple mentions a suggested retail price of 999 euros. A variant with a 256GB SSD costs 1249 euros.

In addition to those two models, there will be a high-end version with a Core i7-5650U, which has a clock speed of 2.2GHz, and with an SSD storage capacity of 512GB. The graphics chip of the Core i processors is in all cases the HD Graphics 6000. The laptops keep the existing housing and the screen resolutions also remain 1366×768 pixels for the Air 11 and 1440×900 for the Air 13.

The MacBook Pro 13 laptops will also receive a hardware upgrade. The MacBook Pro 13 comes in variants with Core i5-5257U, Core i5-5287U or Core i7-5557U. These processors have clock speeds of 2.7GHz, 2.9GHz and 3.1GHz respectively. The video chip is the Iris 6100. The other parts of the laptop have remained identical. The prices for the three MacBook Pro 13 versions are 1449, 1649 and 1999 euros respectively.