Rumor: OnePlus Z will get Snapdragon 765 processor

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The still unannounced OnePlus Z may still get a Snapdragon processor. There were rumors that the device would get a cheaper MediaTek 5g chip, but smartphone nice Max J. now states that it is the Snapdragon 765.

The OnePlus Z has not yet been officially announced, but there have been rumors for some time that it would be a cheaper phone that would be released later that year. The phone gets according to Max J. a Snapdragon 765 processor that supports 5g.

That is at odds with an earlier rumor from another well-known tasty, Ishan Agarwal. He stated that the phone would get a cheaper MediaTek processor. He did not say which exactly that would be, but he did say that it would support 5g. According to Max J., Agarwal was not wrong, but OnePlus may have recently decided to switch suppliers. The company has used a Qualcomm processor in all of its phones to date.

Max J. predicted earlier that the device would be presented in July. OnePlus has not yet said anything about it.

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