Rumor: Next MacBook Air Will Have Retina Display With Thinner Bezels

The next version of the MacBook Air, the cheapest laptop in Apple’s lineup, will have a Retina display, financial news agency Bloomberg claims. In addition, according to the news agency, the manufacturer has made the bezels around the screen smaller.

The MacBook Air with Retina screen should be released next fall, claims author Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Gurman has been known for years for providing accurate information about unannounced Apple products and software. Bloomberg does not mention any specifications of the laptop except for the thinner screen bezels and the higher resolutions, nor does it show any images. Retina is Apple’s marketing term for screens, where users with normal vision can no longer distinguish the pixels at a normal operating distance.

The new laptop should be the cheapest in Apple’s lineup and take the place of the current MacBook Air. In addition to the Air, Apple also sells the MacBook with a 12-inch screen and a single USB-C connection and several models of the MacBook Pro. They have all had a Retina screen for several years. The screen of the current Air, which came out last year , has a resolution of 1440×900 pixels, a previous rumor has it that the upcoming Air will come in at 2560×1600 pixels, which would increase the pixel density from 127 pixels per inch to 227 pixels per inch.

The Mac Mini that Apple will release this fall is likely to be more expensive than the current version, Bloomberg reports. The current version costs 749 euros. That’s because Apple is building in better processors and more memory and storage. Bloomberg does not say about the exact configurations.

Apple usually presents its new software and hardware for desktops and laptops in October. In recent years, the manufacturer first announced new mobile hardware in September. That seems to be happening this time too. According to the German site Macerkopf, the following iPhones can be pre-ordered from September 14. This points to a presentation in the same week, for example on September 11 or 12.