Rumor: Mercedes-Benz wants to announce electric suv in September

Automaker Mercedes-Benz would like to announce an electric version of its upcoming SUV in September. The SUV has two electric motors, one of which drives the front wheels and the other the rear wheels.

The complete electric model comes together with more traditional models with diesel, petrol and a hybrid variant. According to Autocar sources, the electric compact SUV has a range of around five hundred kilometers and a battery of at least 60kWh. Other details are not known.

Mercedes-Benz would like to present the line of SUVs in September at the Internationale Automobilausstellung in Frankfurt, which takes place in the week of 12 September. The sales of the other versions would start next year, the electric version has to be released in the following year.

The German automaker previously presented the EQA and EQC, making it obvious that the next SUV would carry the name EQB. The car manufacturer has not responded to the rumor.


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