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Microsoft removes search function Windows from Cortana

In a forthcoming version of Windows, Microsoft will remove the search function in Windows from digital assistant Cortana. The company had integrated these functions with Windows 10. The separation must make the development of new functions easier for both.

The separation of Cortana’s search function is already live for users of build 18317 in the Windows Insider Fast Ring, in which users test functions early and thereby increase the purchase that those builds may not work optimally. After the update, the search bar only leads to a search function on the computer itself, for example, to find files and folders, Microsoft says . Pressing the Cortana button next to it opens the voice function of Cortana.

Separating the functions makes it easier to develop both applications further. The settings are also set apart. It is unknown how Microsoft Cortana and the search function wants to develop further. Microsoft put Cortana live with Windows Phone 8.1 almost five years ago, but has since fallen behind competitors such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Both digital assistants work on many more devices than Cortana. Cortana and Alexa are now integrated with each other .

The separation of both functions probably comes in the stable version that Microsoft designates as 19H1, the update for Windows 10 that is expected to come out this spring. Cortana is not available in English and only users in the Benelux who set Windows to English can use the digital assistant.

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