Rumor: LG plans to release two phones with fingerprint scanners this year

LG wants to add fingerprint scanners to four to five phones, two of which are yet to be released this year. According to a South Korean news site. The G3 and G2 Pro, among others, would get the fingerprint scanner.

Originally, LG had planned to add the fingerprint scanner to the LG G2, but that did not happen in the end, ETNews writes. At the very last minute, support for fingerprint scanners was removed from the G2 due to the instability of the fingerprint scanner. If the G2 had had a fingerprint scanner, LG would have been ahead of competitor Apple: the iPhone 5s, with fingerprint reader, was introduced shortly after the G2.

This year, LG would like to bring fingerprint scanners to two phones, followed by two or three phones in subsequent years. This would include the G2 Pro and the G3. The latter has been rumored for some time that it would get a fingerprint scanner, as well as a smartwatch and a fitness tracker as accessories. The fingerprint scanner could be integrated into the back. The G2 already has buttons on the back.

LG is said to be planning to make the fingerprint scanner better than Apple’s to prevent the company from being accused of lagging behind the competition. In addition, the interface and user experience should be better than with the 5s.