Rumor: LG is working on a dual-screen smartphone with tilting screen

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LG is rumored to be working on a phone with two screens, with the second screen below the primary screen. Tilting the front 6.8″ screen horizontally reveals the second square 4″ screen.

LG has made a prototype of the device with the code name Wing. Two South Korean newspapers reported about the device: Electronic Times and Korea Herald. The former shows an image of what the concept would look like. LG has not responded to the rumor.

The second screen would be intended to complement the first screen. For example, a keyboard can be displayed on it, or tools for a photo editing program. This way, the large screen can be fully used for viewing apps or images.

The device could be used horizontally, with the second screen at the bottom, and vertically, with the second screen at the side. LG would provide the phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon soc from the 700 series, with an integrated 5G modem.

Furthermore, the ‘Wing’ will reportedly get three cameras on the back, with the primary camera having a 64-megapixel sensor. LG would also like to give buyers the opportunity to personalize their phone by customizing the color of the housing. According to reports, the device should be released in the second half of this year.

LG Wing Concept – Image: ETNews

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