Rumor: Google Pixel 5a 5G gets the same soc as Pixel 5

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The Google Pixel 5a 5G would get the same soc as last year’s Pixel 5 and 4a 5G, 9to5Google infers from code from the latest Developer Preview of Android 12. Google recently said the Pixel 5a 5G would only be available in the US and Japan. going to come true.

The code contains references to ‘barbet’, which would be the code name for the Pixel 5a 5G, 9to5 Google reports. It states that it concerns the ‘sm7250’. That is the code name of Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 series of socs. The Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G have the Snapdragon 765G soc. The newer Snapdragon 768-soc is also codenamed ‘sm7250’, so that could still be in the new Pixel.

It therefore seems impossible that Google provides its midrange smartphone with its own Whitechapel soc. Google recently said that the Pixel 5a 5G will be released later this year, but will only appear in Japan and the US. It is not yet known what the specifications of the phone are and when it will be released. OnLeaks published renders of the phone in February.

OnLeaks Google Pixel 5a render based on rumors

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