Fanatec unveils direct drive steering base CSL DD for 350 euros

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Fanatec has shown the CSL DD, a steering base with a direct drive motor that can produce up to 8Nm of torque. The base uses no gears or belts and connects the handlebars directly to the motor. The CSL DD is compatible with multiple Fanatec handlebars and pedals.

The CSL DD gets a new Fanatec-designed motor that delivers 5Nm of torque as standard. Optionally, there is a more powerful power supply with which the base can supply 8Nm. Fanatec does not report how much this more powerful power supply costs. It is also unknown with which hardware and games the steering base will be compatible, although the maker promises that the base will work with ‘all major racing games’. Fanatec says it is working on a direct drive steering base that can handle the PlayStation 5.

The base also has a carbon fiber composite shaft and an aluminum housing. This housing also works as a heatsink; the CSL DD therefore does not require active cooling. The base also works with a quick-release system to change steering wheels. This system can be later adapted by the user to the yet-to-be-released QR2 system.

The CSL DD is Fanatec’s cheapest direct drive handlebar base yet. Earlier steering bases such as the Podium Wheel Base DD1 cost 1200 euros. With 20Nm, the Podium Wheel Base DD1 delivers much more torque than the CSL DD. A direct drive steering base should be able to provide better force feedback than a steering base with sprockets or belts. According to Fanatec, the direct drive technology will be in all future Fanatec products.

The handlebar base comes without handlebars or pedals; the consumer must therefore purchase this separately. Fanatec expects to be able to deliver the base in the third quarter for a price of 350 euros. Optionally, there is a table clamp to fix the base to a table.

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