Rumor: Dell is developing its own DDR5 memory module with implications for upgrades

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Dell is said to be working on its own DDR5 memory module for its Dell Precision laptop line. The memory module appears to have been developed by Dell itself and that may affect the laptop upgrade.

A user on Twitter leaked new ones last week information about a new version of the Dell Precision 7 Series. The laptop has yet to be announced, but the first specifications seem to have been leaked via a presentation from the manufacturer. It shows, among other things, that the laptop gets a DDR5 Compression Attached Memory Module. For convenience, Dell abbreviates this to ‘CAMM’.

The module replaces the usual DDR5 DIMMs with a more compact form factor. Dell would support up to 128GB of DDR5-4800 RAM in the Dell Precision 7670 with a CAMM memory module. This would take up less space in the laptop.

Dell’s proprietary memory module may cause problems for users when upgrading or repairing their laptop. When Dell keeps the design of DDR5 CAMM RAM to itself, an upgrade or repair can only be arranged through Dell.

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