Rumor: Apple will announce new iMac next week

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Apple may want to announce a new iMac next week. The latest new version of the all-in-one will be released in the spring of 2021. This means that there has been a relatively long time between the old and new versions.

One of the indications for this is that Apple will not present its quarterly figures this week, but only next week. writes Bloomberg. That is later than normal and Apple already did that five years ago. At that time it was first to be able to hold an event to present new iPads and Macs.

Moreover, Apple has been working on a new iMac for some time now. According to the roadmap, a 32″ variant should have appeared as an iMac Pro, but that plan has been postponed, according to the financial press agency. It is still planned, but for one or two years from now. Now there is only one variant and that is the colorful 24″ version from 2021.

In addition to iMacs, Apple might also want to show new MacBook Pros. The delivery time of many configurations is longer than usual and that is also indicative of this. This includes the 13″ variant, but also the more expensive 14″ and 16″ versions. Bloomberg does not mention what the upgrades would be to the new computers.

According to Bloomberg, an event could take place next Monday or Tuesday. Apple hasn’t announced that yet. The manufacturer usually announces at least a week in advance if it concerns a physical event, but it could also concern announcements without an event.

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