Xiaomi presents 14 series of smartphones and HyperOS next Thursday

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Xiaomi will present its 14 smartphones and its new Android skin HyperOS next Thursday. The company announced this. This makes the presentation a lot earlier than in previous generations.

Xiaomi 14 teaser

The presentation will take place in China and the phones will probably be released there first. Xiaomi says that in addition to the phones, it will also show HyperOS. This is the successor to Android skin MIUI, which Xiaomi has been developing since it started developing software about twelve years ago. The manufacturer previously said that HyperOS would replace MIUI.

Presumably it is mainly a name change, much like Huawei converted its EMUI to HarmonyOS. Calling it an OS gives the impression that it is more than just a layer on top of Android. Moreover, Xiaomi focuses a lot on its ecosystem of products, which can work together via MIUI. Samsung uses the name One UI, but almost all other Chinese manufacturers use OS in the name for their skin. For example, OPPO and OnePlus have ColorOS.

The presentation of the 14 smartphones is exceptionally early. The 13 phones were released in Europe in the spring and Xiaomi often presents the new models after Qualcomm has announced new SoCs. In the past, this often happened in December, such as with the Xiaomi 13 models, the 12 phones and the Mi 11 series.

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