Rumor: Apple has plans for combined ar- and vr glasses

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Apple plans to release glasses suitable for both augmented reality and virtual reality. For the time being, it would be early plans, and the spectacles should only come on the market in a few years, reports Cnet on the basis of a source, which was not further specified.

According to that source, Apple would like to bring out smart glasses that can show virtual reality images with an 8k screen for each eye. At the same time, the glasses should also be suitable for augmented reality which means that digital images are placed over those of reality.

The source of Cnet also mentions that the smart glasses do not connect to a smartphone or a PC. Instead, a connection must be made with an unspecified ‘Apple box’. That connection should also be wireless and be laid via WiGig which works via a 60GHz band. The external enclosure should have a powerful, unreleased, 5nm Apple processor that handles the calculation. Currently the Apple processors go to a process up to 10nm.
Internally at Apple, the glasses would be known under the code name T288, but there is no name for the final product yet. It should therefore only be on the market in 2020, and the plans are still in an early phase. This also means that Apple can change its plans, or delete the product in its entirety.
Earlier it appeared that Apple had taken over Vrvana, maker of a vr headset. There were already rumors that the company would work from Cupertino on an ar-headset. So those plans now seem to have been given a little more clearly.


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