Rumor: Apple is working on iPad Pro with 14.1″ screen and mini LED backlight

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Apple may be working on an iPad Pro with a 14.1″ screen and a mini LED backlight. Ross Young of analyst firm Display Supply Chain Consultants reports that. It is not known when that model will be released, although Young suspects that will happen in early 2023.

The possible iPad Pro 14.1″ would again get a mini LED screen, writes Young, which it claims relies on sources from Apple’s supply chain. The screen must also have a high refresh rate with ProMotion. Young does not mention a concrete refresh rate, but with current devices with ProMotion that comes down to 120Hz.

Currently, Apple is selling two iPad Pro models, with an 11″ and a 12.9″ screen respectively. For that larger model, Apple has been using a mini LED backlight since 2021. Such a backlight consists of thousands of small LEDs, which should provide a higher brightness and a higher contrast. The 2021 MacBook Pros also have a mini LED screen.

Ross Young writes that he is not sure about the release period of the possible iPad Pro 14.1″, but that an introduction in early 2023 is likely. It is not the first time that there are rumors of larger iPads. Last year Bloomberg journalist wrote Mark Gurman, known for his good resources within Apple, that the company is considering making iPads with larger screen sizes.

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ (2021) with mini LED backlight

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