Rumor: Apple is investing a billion dollars in movies for release in cinemas

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Apple is said to be investing a billion dollars this year in developing films that will first be shown in cinemas and only then be released on its own streaming service TV +. That claims financial news agency Bloomberg.

Movies for Apple TV+ have previously only been released in theaters to qualify for movie awards, but Apple is changing that strategy, claims Bloomberg. The financial news agency often shares accurate information about unannounced Apple products and services and relies on anonymous sources. The films must run in thousands of cinemas for at least a month.

Apple’s intention is to bring its streaming service TV+ to the attention of enthusiasts through the films. Also, a wide release in cinemas would make it easier to interest big names in directing and acting in Apple films. Apple has not commented on the rumor. TV+ reportedly has several tens of millions of subscribers. Amazon would consider doing the same with movies it commissions for its Prime Video streaming service.

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