ReplyNow is a free tool from for replying to Messenger, Viber, Telegram messages from one place. You can manage 500 chats in the free plan of this tool. You just have to authorize it with your social accounts or enter the token to have it receive and reply to messages on your behalf. Currently, it only supports three services, but later updates support WhatsApp, Line and Instagram-like services. It offers you a simple interface where you can see all received messages and send a reply. Not only this but here you can add your team members and easily assign messages.

If you work with multiple social media accounts, you will like this online tool. All you have to do is insert tokens or authorize directly via the web UI. There are no other functions herein, it only focuses on receiving messages from your various social accounts and lets you reply to those messages in a simple way. In short, this tool is for solving user questions, but you can also use it for personal use. And the free subscription to the service is only intended for personal use. Go to the homepage of ReplyNow and then sign up for a free personal account. Here the only limit is the number of messages, but unlimited team members can be added there. After you have verified your email address, you can start adding your social channels. For Viber and Telegram you must use an API token that you can easily generate if you know how to do it.

For Facebook Messenger, you have to authorize it by giving certain permissions and you have to do that using the web UI. After everything is done, you will be redirected to the main interface where you will see all the channels listed. On the left you will see all messages and you can start answering. The chat interface is simple and messages are sent and received immediately.

If you have other people to work with you, you can add them. Go to settings and then under the Team section you can add your teammates there to work with you. While processing the messages you can assign a specific message to each team member and it will appear on his dashboard.

This way, this simple tool works to let you process messages from Messenger, Viber, and Telegram. You can easily receive messages from multiple accounts in one place and then even send a reply.