Remake of Mafia gets new content and will be released on August 28 for 40 euros

2K Games has officially announced the remake of Mafia. The 2002 game will be rebuilt “from the ground up” and will include an updated script with new dialogue, expanded backstories and additional cutscenes.

Footage from Mafia: Definitive Edition can be seen in a short trailer. There are also a number of screenshots in the Microsoft Store, where it can be seen that the game will cost 40 euros and will be available on August 28. The game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Developer Hangar 13 is making the remake. According to publisher 2K Games, the game will also receive new gameplay options and features. The new version of Mafia is made with the engine used in Mafia III for cutscenes. The game will get graphical improvements, but will also be expanded in content.

2K Games also re-releases Mafia II and III. Those games will be available from Tuesday. It is a remaster of Mafia II, that game from 2010 is now also available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with graphical improvements. Mafia III is bundled with all DLCs, that game was already available on the new consoles. There will also be a bundle with the three Mafia games for 60 euros.