Omroep Brabant is launching its own on-demand streaming app Brabant+

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Omroep Brabant is launching its own streaming app with which videos from the public broadcaster can be viewed on demand. The app will be called Brabant+. Omroep Brabant is the first regional broadcaster with such a service.

Broadcasting Brabant states on its website that Brabant+ is comparable to streaming apps such as Netflix and NPO Start. Viewers who use the app will not see any advertisements, the broadcaster promises. The app can also be downloaded for free. All of the broadcaster’s video offerings can be viewed on demand via the app, as well as live television and radio. Editor-in-chief Renzo Veenstra says that the broadcaster is partly introducing the app to appeal to new viewers who ‘want to decide for themselves when they want to watch what’.

With the introduction of Brabant+, a new series with Frank Lammers will also be available online, which can be seen exclusively in the app. The series is called Ministry of Brabant Affairs, ‘where issues such as nitrogen, drought, drugs, housing and secularization are discussed’, the broadcaster writes.

The app is immediately available in the Play Store and App Store. For the time being, it cannot be downloaded on alternative television platforms, such as Android TV.

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