Older Chromecasts now run full YouTube app

YouTube is getting a full UI on older Chromecasts, similar to the app in Google TV and Android TV. The remote control is via the smartphone app or remotes with HDMI-CEC.

This does not concern the new Chromecast with Google TV, but older models, such as the Chromecast Ultra and the third-generation Chromecast from 2018. It is unclear whether all models without Google TV will receive this update; the oldest of these dates back to 2013. The function has already been tested before.

Anyone who previously turned on YouTube on their Chromecast, for example by using the Cast button in the smartphone app, received the so-called ‘Ready to watch’ screen to see. It also returned every time the play queue was completely completed. That is different now, so YouTube announces. Those who start casting will be given the choice of a voice search or the remote control. If you choose the remote control, the YouTube app for TVs as we know it will appear on the TV.

Mixed feelings are expressed in comments under the tweet. Some users are not happy with it and want the old ‘Ready to watch’ screen back, others are happy with it.