Nvidia Titan X has 3072 cuda cores

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With the Titan X card, Nvidia has reportedly activated all 3072 cores of the GM200 GPU. As with the Titan Z, the upcoming card is equipped with 12GB gddr5 memory. Also, the alleged clock speeds of the Titan X have surfaced online.

The Titan X’s GM200-400 GPU would have six GPCs with 4 SMMs each. The 24 SMMs provide a total of 3072 cuda cores. The amount of TMUs and raster units are 192 and 96 respectively. The GPU communicates with the memory via a 384bit wide bus and the bandwidth would be 336GB/s.

The clock speed would be 1002MHz with a Boost clock speed of up to 1089MHz. The clock speed of the memory is 1753MHz, effectively 7GHz. That is what the usually reliable VideoCardz claims.

Whether the tdp will amount to 250W is not yet completely certain and the price of $ 999 is also unconfirmed. Nvidia announced the Titan X in early March but barely mentioned any specifications at the time.

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