Nvidia: RTX 2080 performs in games one and a half times faster than GTX 1080

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According to the manufacturer, the Nvidia RTX 2080 performs in many games about one and a half times as well as its predecessor GTX 1080. This is apparent from a presentation that Nvidia has released. According to the maker, many games can be played in 4k resolution at more than 60fps.

Nvidia has shown slides with a comparison of the GTX 1080 and RTX 2080 on games such as PUBG, Final Fantasy XV and Hitman II. If games have support for Deep Learning Super Sampling, DLSS, then the difference can be up to two times. With DLSS, the RTX 2080 uses the Tensor artificial intelligence cores to interpolate pixels to display frames on the screen faster.

Nvidia also claims that with the RTX 2080 it will be possible to play games at 4k at more than 60fps. A game like Call of Duty WWII can get up to 93fps, while Star Wars Battlefront II comes up to 65fps on the new graphics card.

Nvidia announced the RTX 2080 this week along with the 2080 Ti and 2070. The Nvidia GeForce RTX video cards feature a Turing GPU, whose architecture the company presented last week along with three Quadro RTX video cards for workstations. The consumer versions have fewer Cuda cores and less gddr6 memory than their professional counterparts.

The addition of the RT cores should enable real-time ray tracing in games. How that is applied will vary from game to game. Nvidia demonstrated several games with RTX support, including Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus and Battlefield V. The games are not fully rendered with ray tracing, but the RTX platform is used for certain shadow or light effects. Game developers have to build in support for both ray tracing and DLSS for it to work, and then it will only work on Nvidia’s RTX cards.

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