Russian blog gets hold of Google Pixel 3 XL and posts photos

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A Russian blog claims to own the Google Pixel 3 XL and has posted photos taken with the device. While many images of the Pixel 3 XL have already surfaced online, there are no images of the smaller Pixel 3 yet.

The blog Rozetked has posted photos of the device, but also photos that the author has shot with the phone. The exif data seems to have disappeared from the images. The resolution of many photos is twelve megapixels, while the selfies he has posted have a resolution of eight megapixels. The photos were taken in London. The blogger shows the contents of the box, containing a charger with European plug.

It is not the first Pixel 3 XL to show up in Russia. Earlier this month, an unpacking video of the phone that another Russian blogger had posted online. Google has not responded to the online appearance of the information and images. It happens more often that information and images from smartphones come out early, although it rarely happens that so much material is available.

Google will reportedly announce the phone on October 4, just like the previous two Pixel phones; who presented the search giant on October 4, 2016 and October 4, 2017. No images of a smaller Pixel 3 have appeared online yet.

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