Nvidia registrations point to three new GeForce GPUs

Nvidia’s registrations with the European Economic Community seem to indicate the arrival of three new GeForce video cards. A photo of a pcb with model number PG180 has already appeared; the registrations point to the arrival of the PG160 and PG150 variants.

The GeForce name is not mentioned in the registrations with the EEG, but according to VideoCardz the number 699 stands for consumer products, which makes it likely that these are GeForce video cards. Registrations have also been made with the number 900, which would be Quadro or Tesla video cards.

Nvidia has submitted a long list of model numbers, but GeForce products are divided into three segments: 1G150, 1G160 and 1G180. According to VideoCardz, that corresponds to the PCB model numbers of the video cards. At the beginning of this month, photos of the PG180 PCB appeared, presumably for the GTX 1080 successor.

GTX 1080 successor pcb

The registrations therefore seem to indicate the arrival of more PCBs, which presumably use a different gpu. It seems obvious that the model numbers of the PCBs match those of the video cards and that there is a GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 successor in the list, but according to VideoCardz the model numbers have nothing to do with the numbering of video cards.

The fact that there are so many different registrations per model number has to do with small differences, such as the connections used, the mounting points for cooling and the color of the pcb, VideoCardz says.

Nvidia is expected to unveil new graphics cards at its Gamescom event on August 20. It is not yet clear how many cards Nvidia will present. Often only a top model is presented first and later cheaper models with a smaller gpu are introduced. There is also still uncertainty about the name; both GTX 1180 and GTX 2080 are mentioned.