Not everyone likes the new Google Images preview format

More and more users of Google Images, the Google image search engine, are being switched to a new display format and design.

Google Images is a popular search engine for finding photos and other images. The company has significantly changed Google Images recently. It removed the View Image button in 2018 and revealed in 2019 that it would introduce what it called shoppable ads in the image search service.

Chrome and Firefox users could view [19459006installeren] View image extensions to reduce functionality or to switch to a search engine such as Startpage that still had the functionality.

Although it is almost certain that browser extensions or scripts will become available to restore the old layout of Google Images, none seems to be available at the time of writing. The core change moves the preview of the selected image search result from a centered preview area to the right.

The size of the preview image remains the size for most images and it is possible to browse other images that are returned as the preview window is open. Users may also notice that the preview area is fixed, which means that less “jump” occurs when new results are selected in the search results list.

One criticism is that the new layout limits the size of the example. Although that is not a problem for small images, it is a problem for larger images, e.g. 1080p images or 4K photos & # 39; s. The preview area has a fixed size and although it changes based on the size of the browser window, it is not possible to change the search results in the preview area ratio on Google Images.

Related images shown below the preview are larger than before, but fewer are shown side by side on the screen.