Nokia and Vivo sign 5G patent licensing agreement, stop patent battle

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Nokia has signed a ‘multi-year’ 5G patent agreement with Vivo. The Chinese smartphone brand will pay royalties to Nokia under the agreement. This puts an end to the patent battle between the two companies.

Nokia confirmed on Tuesday that it has signed a licensing agreement with Vivo. As part of the agreement, in addition to royalties, Vivo will also make retroactive payments covering the period during which the Chinese phone maker was involved in the legal dispute with Nokia. “The agreement resolves all patent disputes in all jurisdictions,” Nokia writes in a press release. The precise terms of the deal remain confidential, the Finnish telecom company said.

The patent battle between Nokia and Vivo has been going on since 2021. It revolves around 5G patents that Nokia holds. Vivo used it without paying Nokia for it. The Chinese phone maker was previously imposed a sales ban in Germany due to the unauthorized use of those 5G patents. That ban should be removed with the agreement.

Vivo is the sixth major phone company to sign a patent deal with Nokia in the past thirteen months, reports Reuters. Nokia signed a deal with OPPO earlier this year. That company, together with sister company OnePlus, was previously no longer allowed to sell phones in Germany due to infringement of Nokia’s patents.

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