Nokia 7 Plus Review – Introduction


The Nokia 7 Plus is a middle-class device with a very reasonable price-specification ratio. However, quality is also leading in this segment and the 7 Plus also scores very well. The Android One program guarantees a good update policy. Stock Android is sufficient for most and is nice and clean. The double camera with optical zoom is reasonable, but unfortunately not much more than that. The large screen is one of the attractions of the device, but is unfortunately not easy to read in the sun. The battery life is fine, but not exceptional. Yet the overall experience we had with this device is pretty good. It is smooth, practical and feels fine thanks to its coating without falling prey to finger.

Final verdict

Nokia is on steam, as the MWC 2018. The manufacturer announced at the telecom fair in Barcelona no less than four smartphones.Between those devices, the Nokia 7 Plus us with its striking appearance with copper-colored accents, large screen with 18: 9- ratio, large battery and reasonable price-specification ratio.It is a middle-class device pur sang, neither the price nor the specifications there doubt.
However, the size is not of a middle class, the Nokia 7 Plus requires deep pockets or a bag. The largest competitor of the Nokia 7 Plus is perhaps the slightly smaller Nokia 8, which came out last year.This phone with high-end soc has now dropped to about the same price level as that with which the Nokia 7 Plus starts and has further comparable pecs, Android without frills and a double camera, albeit with a different function.The Nokia 7 Plus seems to be an interesting device, because of the great specifications and the promise of updates with the Android One program.