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Developers of LawBreakers will release a battle royale game on Steam

Boss Key Productions, the studio behind the online shooter LawBreakers, will release a new game on Steam as an Early Access title on Tuesday. Radical Heights is a battle royale game with a lot of exuberant style features and colors that seem to be inspired by the 1980s.

Radical Heights becomes playable for free and the Steam page is now online. The developers describe the game as a battle royale-shooter where every participant wants to become rich and famous and it is all about collecting weapons, gadgets, cosmetic items and money. In the new game, players will have access to a variety of weapons and vehicles inspired by the 1980s, such as BMX bikes.
Collected money remains available for new rounds, which can be used to buy cosmetic items or can be spared to buy a certain weapon faster than the opponents in a subsequent round. For example, money can be bought through an ATM machine, by shooting arcade cabinets or shooting opponents.
Boss Key Productions has let Steam know that Radical Heights is still under development; the studio calls it ‘x-treme early acces’. The core of the gameplay is complete, but players have to take into account quite a few placeholders in the game world, which are used for certain models, sound clips, animations and buildings. The developer says that the game will last for about a year in Early Access and after that will not cost anything to play.
A few days ago it became known that Boss Key productions had the development of LawBreakers ceased . The studio said that this game was not the success that they had hoped for. They indicated that a new project was being worked on, which is now likely to be Radical Heights. The money that LawBreakers has raised is now probably used for the development of Radical Heights.


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