Nioh and Nioh 2 are coming to PlayStation 5 in remastered form on February 5th

The Dark Souls-esque games Nioh and its sequel Nioh 2 are coming to PlayStation 5 as remasters, complete with all DLC and support for 4k resolutions and 120fps. Savegame data can be transferred from PS4. The second game is also coming to Windows.

It is not made entirely clear whether the games will run in both 4k resolution and at a maximum of 120fps at the same time. Players may have to choose between a quality and performance mode, as is often the case with today’s console games.

Players who already own Nioh 2 for the PS4 can get a free upgrade to this new PS5 version. Any DLC they have is therefore available on the PS5. There doesn’t seem to be the same upgrade option for Nioh’s remaster, according to the Sony blog post.

The last dlc for Nioh 2, Darkness in the Capital, will be released on December 17th. In addition to new missions and bosses, it also contains a new difficulty level. The remastered, complete editions will all be released on February 5 next year. Pricing is not clear yet, as the remasters are not yet in the PS Store. The Windows version will also be released on February 5th, with support for ultrawide resolutions, hdr, 144Hz and more. It costs 59.99 euros.