Nintendo has Nintendo Power magazine archive removed from Internet Archive

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Nintendo has ordered the Internet Archive to take the 140 digitized Nintendo Power magazines offline and the project has complied. On Monday, Nintendo already took action against a remake of Metroid 2.

The page for the Nintendo Power collection is still online at the Internet Archive, but the magazines are no longer available. The thirteen volumes of the magazine, all editions up to issue 145 from June 2001, have been online since February, but were picked up widely last week. Nintendo also got wind of it and demanded that the volumes be made unavailable. The US arm of the Japanese company told Polygon that Nintendo “must protect its characters, trademarks and other content.”

It is the second time in a short time that Nintendo has taken infringing material offline. On Monday, a Metroid 2 remake called AM2R appeared online, which a fan had been working on since 2008. Sites that offered the file as a download, such as MediaFire and Metroid Database, quickly received a dmca takedown warning from lawyers, on behalf of Nintendo.

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