News Corporation interested in acquiring Skype

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According to some unknown telecom industry sources, News Corporation has expressed interest in Skype, so turns out from an article by The Independent. In recent weeks, the two companies have spoken and News Corp has put an offer of $ 3 billion on the table. However, the owners of Skype were not interested in this, broke off the talks and thus rejected the offer. The $3 billion offered is significantly higher than the $20 million that Skype’s investors have raised to date. However, it is anyone’s guess as to why Skype’s owners cut off talks with News Corp. Analysts expect that in the foreseeable future another offer will be made for Skype and that the popular VoIP company will change hands. It seems very likely that Skype is indeed looking for a takeover partner, because otherwise the owners would not even have discussed a possible takeover with News Corp.

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