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New Microsoft video shows Surface Hub 2 functionality

Microsoft has made a video about the new Surface Hub 2 . That goes back to the origin of the Surface as an interactive work screen. The new design is little more than a 50-inch screen with thin edges that you can easily place on a stand.

Furthermore, it is still a touchscreen screen that has a number of new options compared to the previous version. Most striking is the spinning trick shown in the video: you can rotate the screen from horizontal to vertical orientation and vice versa and then the text and the rest of what is on the screen remains correctly oriented.

In addition, there is a fingerprint scanner on the side of the screen that you can use to log in directly and access your OneDrive account. Another user can then also log in and then it is easy to exchange files between the two accounts via the Surface Hub 2. There is also a 4K camera in order to make videocalls.

Only a few

Microsoft hopes that companies will install several Surface Hubs next to each other so that they can work together with several people, but of course that goes in the paperwork. Hub 2 is going to come on the market early next year and even though Microsoft has not yet announced a price you can assume that it will not be cheap. The first Surface hub cost almost 8000 euros.

Even if Microsoft has managed to reduce costs (and you would expect that, as it is not technically an extremely exciting device at the moment), you should expect a price of around 2000-3000 euros each and Then you do not put a piece or five together very quickly. How beautiful that looks.

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