The comeback of a Legend: Toyota Supra A90

With many car enthusiasts, a grin appears on the face when hearing the words Toyota Supra. Good news because in 2019 there is the long awaited comeback of this iconic model from Toyota . It is the car where many have been waiting for more than 16 years. A brand new Supra. Already the sixth generation (if you count 2000GT) of an icon in the world of automotive.

The new Supra was already shown last summer at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Now drives around in camouflage (completely in style of Toyota Gazoo Racing) and not all specs are known. But that does not matter. Toyota says that numbers say nothing, it’s about the feeling that you get to the car. And so we crawl in Madrid on and around the Jarama circuit behind the wheel of the new Supra to experience for yourself what makes this model so special.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Team

But then we’ll go back to the beginning. The Toyota Gazoo Racing Team. The European debut was made during the Paris Motor Show in 2016. It has since been the umbrella organization for all Toyota racing and rally activities. In the past two years several successes have already been achieved in the WRC (World Rally Championship) and WEC (World Endurance Championship), but also during Dakar and at the Nürburgring.

Toyota Gazoo Racing wants to transfer all the experiences they gain on the circuit to models that become available to the consumer. The first model followed the introduction of the Toyota Yaris GRMN last year. And during the Motor Show in Paris next month will follow the world premiere of the Yaris GR Sport also a model with a touch of Gazoo Racing.

Toyota Supra A90

And then of course there is the new Toyota Supra A90. The last generation was built until 2002. But that will change now, 16 years later. 2019 will be the year of the return of a legend.

In March of this year, at the Geneva Motor Show, it was already announced that the return of the Supra was coming. During the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​a prototype of the new Toyota Supra was shown. Which also just came into action on the famous Goodwood HillClimb. And it was also known that Toyota remains true to its heritage of a pure sports car with a front six-cylinder in-line and rear-wheel drive. The prototype is carried out in the colors of Toyota Gazoo Racing (black, red and white).

Toyota investigated the possibilities of a high-performance sports car with advanced lightweight materials, a lowered chassis, racing wheels and an interior that meets racing standards. And they have succeeded in that. The new Toyota Supra meets all these requirements. And more. That makes it a car that you can simply drive on the street in normal driving mode.

But also one that when you put him in sports mode, his male is on the circuit. And that is of course the mode for which this car was developed. In sports mode the engine growls good, the accelerator pedal is more direct and aggressive. But then the properties of the gearbox are also adjusted, the active differential ensures more traction and balance in the corners, and the adaptive suspension also provides an improved damping. All properties that ensure that the car is perfect for the Circuito del Jarama. A technical circuit, with many bends and height difference.


What we know about the new Toyota Supra

The car has a 3.0 liter engine, single turbo, six cylinder on line. Good for more than 300hp. Has a front-mounted engine with rear-wheel drive. Goes from 0-100 in less than 5 seconds. And further, Toyota emphasizes that the car has the perfect weight distribution front / rear of exactly 50:50. And that also the ratio between the wheel base, the tire width and the height of the center of gravity of the car are perfectly aligned.

With this they achieve a ‘golden ratio’ for an extraordinary chassis. Points that were fundamental for the development team of the new Supra. And you will experience that yourself when you get behind the wheel. You notice that mainly because of the immediate reaction of the car when you steer and the exceptional performance in the corners.

The wheelbase of the car is shorter than that of the GT86. And the center of gravity is slightly lower (7mm) compared to that model. And then there is the high stiffness of the body. Due to the optimal use of steel and aluminum, the Supra has a higher level compared to the Lexus LFA.

And of course the Supra is also equipped with a powerful braking system from Brembo, and the car is also equipped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

Toyota Supra in Madrid

Numbers are one thing, but it’s the feeling that matters. ” With that philosophy, they started working for Gazoo Racing for the new 2019 Toyota Supra. And they also succeeded with flying colors. After a short introduction there are 4 cars waiting for the circuit in Madrid.

And then of course the real fun begins. If you are allowed to drive a lot of laps over the track in this car. From moment 1 you notice why people at Toyota are so incredibly proud of the new Supra. You have to hoist yourself a bit in the car, he is so low. And if you crawl behind the wheel, you’re in a cockpit, as it were. The dashboard is still completely covered, which will only be visible at a later stage. But the focus is entirely on the driver. And as soon as you start the car, the engine starts to growl, and you feel like you have to press the accelerator.

The first couple of rounds it is getting to know the curves and the circuit, and once you have the feeling, also with the car, then it is enjoyment. The Supra reacts immediately when the accelerator pedal is pressed. The steering is very direct. And he takes the turns fluently. On the long straight section of the Jarama circuit you get speeds well over 200 km / h. At the end you go full in the brakes and the calipers do their work.

This version is still limited at 250 km / h, how that for the ultimate Supra will be is not yet known. The Supra is now about 90% complete. But there are still some details that need to be worked out.

Pre-order the new Toyota Supra

The real fans can not wait for the new Toyota Supra to become available. And as a true enthusiast it does not matter what the final specs will be. They just want him. Good news, from 2 October the new Supra can be pre-ordered.

Toyota has, in any case, surpassed itself with the new Supra A90. Now the waiting starts until 2019 until we see the final version and of course until the moment it becomes available!